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On October 6, 2022, the Ministry of Energy and Mines carried out the launch of the XIII Oil Round called “Intracampos II”, seeking to attract more than US$ 2.000 million in investment.

Hydrocarbon blocks tendered:

The six blocks, found in the Sucumbios province, are:


¿Who may qualify to bid?

The following may qualify to bid:

  1. Business entities (Domestic, foreign, state-owned, private, or mixed economy corporations).
  2. Parent Companies (Enterprises with direct or indirect control of their subsidiaries, branch offices, and affiliates).
  3. Subsidiaries and Branch Offices (In their own right, or with a joint and several guarantee of the Parent Co).

Both block operators and non-operators may qualify. Non-operators shall associate with qualified block operators to tender their offer.

Qualification requirements:


Qualification scheme:


Bid bond:

USD$ 100.000, valid for 90 days, renewable.


The Ministry Will evaluate the exploratory plan tendered (40% of the score) and the economic offer (60% of the score).

Type of contract:

Production Sharing Agreements (PSC)

  • Production is shared between the Government and the Contractor, pursuant to the percentages offered and agreed in the contract.
  • Each Party sells the oil belonging to their participation.
  • The Contractor assumes the totality of the CAPEX expenses of the project.
  • The Contractor assumes all costs of operation, transport, and commercialization of their participation.



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