Directorio Área Bustamante Fabara Comentarios
Chambers Latin America Banking & Finance Band 3 A client praises the firm, rating its services as «excellent,» adding that «they are responsive, practical and highly commercial.» The same respondent also says: «They understand and apply the law in Ecuador well, and are able to be creative in structuring atypical financings.»

An observer states: «Bustamante Fabara has an experienced team that has clear experience working with the main multinational and local players in the market.»

Chambers Latin America Corporate/Commercial Band 1 An impressed client reports: «Their lawyers are able to combine the business and legal aspects of our work by designing strong corporate structures that have allowed us to grow faster than we had expected.»
Chambers Latin America Intellectual Property Band 2 One interviewee describes Bustamante Fabara’s IP team as «very attentive and practical,» while another enthuses: «They are effective, communicative, and easy to work with.»
Chambers Latin America Competition Antitrust Band 2 A client highlights the firm’s commercial awareness, stating: «They take into account the commercial aspects of our cases and have helped us understand the complexities in this area. They are also able explain the legal and commercial point of view to the authorities, which is very valuable.»
Chambers Latin America Labour & Employment Band 3 Praising Bustamante Fabara’s service, one client reports: «They offer a very good service that offers a comprehensive vision of the market. This has provided us with peace of mind to continue with our daily operations.»
Chambers Latin America Tax Band 3 «Bustamante Fabara’s tax team offers a very good knowledge of the Ecuadorian tax law. They also provide a very good service and an excellent business acumen,» an interviewee says.
Chambers Latin America Energy & Natural Resources Band 2 «Bustamante Fabara is an excellent firm with a very good reputation in the Ecuadorian market,» an interviewee reports, adding: «They are able to provide immediate solutions to issues that are both legally and politically complex.»
Chambers Latin America Real Estate Band 3 In the words of a client: «Their service is effective and they keep me updated.»
An impressed client describes Bustamante Fabara’s service as «very good,» also stating: «They are offer an excellent client service and are able to solve our problems quickly.»
Chambers Global Banking & Finance Band 3
Chambers Global Corporate/Commercial Band 3
Chambers Global Intellectual Property Band 2
CHAMBERS & PARTNERS Individual Rankings
Directorio Área Nombre Bustamante Fabara Comentarios
Chambers Latin America Banking & Finance Diego Ramírez Band 2 Solid partner and head of department Diego Ramírez Mesec is lauded by a client as «a very responsive and knowledgeable lawyer.» The same interviewee also adds that «he provides advice on local law which is insightful and makes commercial sense.» Another client further describes him as «an expert in Ecuador’s financial arena.»
Chambers Latin America Corporate/Commercial María Rosa Fabara
José Rafael Bustamante Crespo
José Rafafael Bustamante Espinosa
Juan Carlos Bustamante
Juan Felipe Bustamante
Band 3
Band 2
Band 3
Senior Statepeople
Up and Coming
Well-regarded partner María Rosa Fabara Vera is «a hard-working lawyer who is a great communicator and possesses the emotional intelligence to know how far to push in negotiations,» a client applauds. Another interviewee adds: «María Rosa Fabara Vera is a sage adviser who offers professional advice that is always focused on protecting our interests.»
An interviewee praises José Rafael Bustamante Crespo for being «a very good lawyer who boasts a strong relationship with his clients.» Another observer says that «his main strength is his extraordinary ability to reach agreements.»Sources praise José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa for his longstanding presence in the corporate arena, with one describing him as «a very knowledgeable, skilled and respected lawyer.» He continues to maintain a strong practice assisting clients with their M&A transactions.Senior statesperson Juan Carlos Bustamante continues to be held in high esteem by peers for his «longstanding trajectory in the Ecuadorian market.» Market sources further commend him for his academic contribution to the sector.Up-and-coming partner Juan Felipe Bustamante «has always been attentive to our requirements and enquiries,» according to a client. An impressed observer remarks: «He is fast, efficient and always focused on providing simple, clear and effective solutions.»
Chambers Latin America Intellectual Property María Rosa Fabara
José Rafafael Bustamante Espinosa
Band 1
Band 3
Co-head of department José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa continues to be well regarded by market commentators, with one saying: «He is a very good lawyer in the trade mark registration and opposition arena.» He is also well placed to assist clients with patent and industrial design applications and infringement actions.
Chambers Latin America Competition Antitrust María Rosa Fabara
José Rafael Bustamante Crespo
Daniel Castelo
Band 2
Band 3
Associate to watch
Highly regarded partner María Rosa Fabara Vera is described by an interviewee as «an excellent litigator who has a wealth of experience and a strong track record in this field.» Another observer remarks: «She is extremely knowledgeable of the sector.» María Rosa Fabara Vera offers a dynamic practice advising clients on unfair competition investigations, as well as merger control procedures.

Daniel Castelo «knows the local competition legislation very well,» according to a client. Another interviewee also praises Daniel Castelo for «his extensive experience in the field.»

José Rafael Bustamante Crespo»a very good lawyer who boasts a strong relationship with his clients.» Another observer says that «his main strength is his extraordinary ability to reach agreements.»

Chambers Latin America Labour José Francisco Vacas
Patricia Ponce
Band 3
Band 3
Respected partner José Francisco Vacas Dávila garners praise from an interviewee for being «a practical lawyer who is very clear in his advice.» They go on to add: «He has been quick to act in the wake of the pandemic.» Another observer appreciates «his impeccable answers to our questions.»

A client commends Patricia Ponce for her «extensive experience,» as well as her «strong understanding of the complexities of Ecuador’s labour and employment market.» Another interviewee adds: «She oversees the most important matters at the firm.»

Chambers Latin America Tax Diego Pino Band 4 Diego Pino Roditti is commended by a client for «his clear advice and practical approach.» Another interviewee adds: «He is an experienced lawyer who always finds solutions to our problems.» Diego Pino Roditti regularly represents clients in tax litigation before the IRS.
Chambers Latin America Energy & Natural Resources Juan Carlos Bustamante Senior Statespeople Senior statesperson Juan Carlos Bustamante is a highly reputed player in Ecuador’s energy and natural resources arena. One interviewee describes him as a «well-renowned lawyer,» while another points to his extensive expertise representing clients in sector-related constitutional litigation proceedings.
Chambers Global Banking & Finance Diego Ramírez Band 2
Chambers Global Corporate/Commercial José Rafael Bustamante Crespo
José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa
María Rosa Fabara
JuanCarlos Bustamante
Band 2
Band 3
Band 3
Senior Statespeople
Well-regarded partner José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa is «a highly knowledgeable senior partner,» according to an interviewee. Another observer points to his longstanding presence in the market, while also highlighting his extensive experience in the area. He boasts extensive expertise advising clients on their M&A transactions.

Highly regarded partner José Rafael Bustamante Crespo is held in high regard by interviewees for his strong corporate and commercial practice. One interviewee appreciates that «he is able to interpret risk and suggest where we should focus our efforts,» while another observer enthuses: «José Rafael Bustamante Crespo is a very pro-deal lawyer who is business-savvy and can handle high-profile clients.»

Seasoned practitioner Juan Carlos Bustamante is «a prominent lawyer in Ecuador’s corporate arena,» an interviewee enthuses. Juan Carlos Bustamante offers a longstanding practice advising notable local and international clients on complex cross-border transactions.

Chambers Global Intellectual Property María Rosa Fabara
José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa
Band 1
Band 2
Outstanding partner María Rosa Fabara Vera benefits from a longstanding experience advising clients on trade mark cases and unfair competition mandates. «Her experience in the sector makes her a point of reference in the Ecuadorian intellectual property market,» a client attests. Another observer reports: «She is an excellent lawyer who is very ethically minded when providing advice.» María Rosa Fabara Vera is head of department.

José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa boasts a longstanding experience advising clients on a wide range of intellectual property mandates including patent and industrial design applications, cancellations and infringement actions. Highlighting his presence in the market, one interviewee reports: «He is behind some of the most important cases in this field.»

IFLR 1000 Firm Rankings
Directorio Área Categoria
IFLR 1000 Financial and Corporate Tier 1
IFLR 1000 Project Development Tier 2
IFLR 1000 Individual Rankings
Directorio Área Nombre Categoria
IFLR1000 Banking & Finance María Rosa Fabara
Diego Ramírez
Juan Carlos Bustamante
Patricia Ponce
Josá Rafael Bustamante Crespo
Highly Regarded
Directorio Área Categoria
Leaders League Labor Law Excellent
Leaders League Corporate Tax Excellent
Leaders League Banking & Finance Excellent
Leaders League Corporate / M&A Excellent
Leaders League Competition & antitrust Excellent
Leaders League Intellectual Property Litigation Leading
Leaders League Enforcement & anti-counterfeiting actions Highly Recommended
Leaders League Trademark prosecution Leading
Leaders League Plant Varieties Protection Excellent
Leaders League Administrative Litigation Excellent
Leaders League Real Estae Highly Recommended
Leaders League Innovation, technology  & telecom Excellent
Leaders League Patent Prosecution Excellent
Leaders League Civil and Commercial Litigation Highly Recommended
IP STARS Firm Rankings
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IP Strars Copyright & related rights
IP Stars Trade mark Tier 1
IP Stars Patent Highly Recommended
IP STARS Individual Rankings
Directorio Área Nombre Categoria
IP STARS Trademarks María Rosa Fabara
José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa
Trademark star
IP STARS Patents María Rosa Fabara Patent Star
WTR 1000
Directorio Área Categoria
WTR 1000 Trade marl Gold
Directorio Área Categoria
Who’s Who Individual Rankings
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Who’s who Competition Antitrust Daniel Castelo Future Leaders
Who’s who Franchise Juan Felipe Bustamante Recommended
Who’s who M&A and Governance José Rafael Bustamante Espinosa Recommended
Who’s who Project Finance Juan Carlos Bustamante
José Rafael Bustamante E