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Juan Carlos Bustamante

Position: Partner
Phone: +593999450999
Categories: Corporate, Environmental, Tax

Juan Carlos has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the law; factors that have earned him international recognition for his high level of competence in different categories of the legal field related especially to the corporate, tax and energy sectors. Throughout his career, he has advised local and international clients in several cross-border transactions covering a wide range of complex legal issues. In addition to his professional practice, he was a professor of Private International Law for 30 years at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador, based in Quito, and has had a successful participation in the management of the firm for decades. Former arbitrator of the National Mediation and Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Construction.


Juan Carlos has provided legal advice in different areas of the law to individuals and to national and international companies from both the public and private sectors. Juan Carlos has also practiced in the field of business development, and in public procurement; has advised in matters of energy, insurance, contracts with banks, purchase/sale of movable and immovable property, grant of security, foreign investment, contracts for setting up trusts. Advisor in project financing and in drafting contracts related thereto.

Partner, BUSTAMANTE FABARA                                                         2021 / Current

Senior Partner, BUSTAMANTE & BUSTAMANTE                             1968/2021

Quito Bar Association; International Academy of Trial Lawyers; Inter-American Bar Association.

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Ecuador, based in Quito:

  • Licentiate in Juridical Sciences degree: 1966
  • Doctor of Law: 1985
  • Spanish
  • English